UPDATE 4: We’re currently awestruck by how high the Mainstage is actually going to be! Our construction workers erected one of the towers and are 1 step closer to completing this work of art. Tower #2 will soon go up as well. We will post more photos throughout its progress!

UPDATE 3: Our construction masters have swung their hammers and spun their drills for the first time and therefore officially started building the Mainstage!

UPDATE 2: Another shipment of logs just got delivered! These are 10 meters long, which is quite a lot bigger than the last haul. Check out the photos for a good look!

UPDATE: The logs to expand on the Mainstage of Paradigm Festival 2015 are here! The wood will be used to create a bigger framework from which will be expanded upon for Parfest 2016! Take a good look at the photos above. This will give you a good idea about where you will be seeing your favorite DJs twisting their decks coming summer!

With over 5000 visitors attending Paradigm Festival, it’s stages needs to be pure eye candy. The former Suikerunie terrain offers the unique opportunity to construct permanent stages which allows for continuous expansion and yearly add-ons to the design of the previous year.

The EMS cluster “construction” no longer needs to deconstruct the stage, and it’s stage builders can now work on this massive project year-round. This characteristic redefines the way the stage is designed, which materials will be used, and combines a modular design approach with modern sustainable aesthetic values resulting in the eventual creation of unique sustainable stages