UPDATE: It’s on! In a rapid and very Paradigm-esque fashion, we’re building the construction warehouses with the sole purpose (for now) of creating a unique and raw stage for you to check out during Paradigm Festival 2016! The warehouses have been connected in a straight line to form 1 big area. The skeleton of the stage is almost finished and step 2 is to cover it all with the iron plates that came with it originally! Check out the photo’s for the progress that’s being made!

Two reclaimed Romney warehouses will be redesigned and reused at the former Suikerunie Terrain. These warehouses allow for the storage of harvested and reclaimed construction materials that will be used in the SHIFT’s building projects. They also serve to function as work spaces and workshops for the EMS woodworkers, metalworkers, craftsmen and construction workers. On occasion, they will also function as indoor stages during larger events and festivals.

If you’d like a closer look, we have some extended coverage on the Romney warehouses in our Crowdfunding Video 2.0! Be sure to check it out!