The EMS and Paradigm headquarters will become the command center for the daily operations of the Electronic Music Society. The HQ is composed of eight repurposed 40 feet shipping containers surrounding a central courtyard and will be situated near the east entrance to the former Suikerunie terrain. Both the exterior and interior of the containers will be adapted to the needs of its creative workforce in accordance with our participatory labour model and sustainability objectives.

The containers were previously used as a promotional exhibit for the Dutch Airforce and contain some unique design attributes, such the interior plating of a jet fighter, a landing strip emulator with cinema, a functional radar system demo and standing tables made out of jet engine exhausts.

The HQ can be set up for multiple purposes such as: production offices, briefing rooms, crew catering, dressing rooms, first aid post, artist backstage, security post, and finance office.

We aim to start construction of the headquarters early spring 2016. Final building plans and expansion adaptations will be designed by the SHIFT architects from Superuse Studios and Studio Elmo Vermijs. Once put in place, feel free to drop by for a tour of the building and to have a look at the EMS projects currently being realized.