UPDATE 3: The top layer has been finished! Everything has been cut and fitted neatly in accordance to the round shape of the stage and everyone is bringing their A-game to finish the bar and DJ booth in time! We’re getting closer and closer to the opening in 1 week time, which you can see through all of the decorations and art that are rising up throughout the forest.

UPDATE 2: A few new photos have been added where you can see the inner foundation being completed. Once that’s done, we will be cutting the poles and trees to make ‘m match in height with the foundation itself (right now, it’s still sticking out a bit). Next up, the top deck!

UPDATE: We have just completed the outer ring and are now working on the pie-chart construction that will serve as a solid foundation for the festival visitors. Once completed, we will start working on the top deck on which will we dance for 3 days straight! We’ll keep you posted!

In the corner of the former Suikerunie terrain, near the ring way, you can find a 3000 m2 patch of forest. The EMS plans to transform this secret forest into an enchanted forest straight out of a fairy tale. A clearance will be cut near the center of the forest, where an event stage will be build which serves a double function as an outdoor auditorium.

The stage itself will be round with a 20 meter diameter. The foundation of the stage are poles and cut-offs from trees that are 1.5 meters high. On top of this structure, we’re building a round, pie-shaped platform with a couple of trees sticking out for the added immersion and idea that you’re actually dancing in the forest.

40 centimeters above the stage itself will be made available to build the DJ booth. This booth will also be supported by a series of poles and trees themselves. Because of the deep roots running in the ground, the area will have a great foundation and support for the festival visitors.

We’ll be updating you on the progress through several photos that will be taken at different stages.