UPDATE 2: The crown has literally been put on top of it! The giant wooden beams have now been fitted in very sturdy concrete/wooden foundations and connected by a big steel crown in the middle.

UPDATE: After harvesting the framework, we have sorted it and started the build of the “Dome Stage”. You can find some new photos in the gallery. We’ll keep you updated on the progress as it’s starting to take shape!

The 60 years old former EMG grainary warehouse is being harvested and it’s construction materials will be given a second life. Paradigm will upcycle the enormous wooden trusses to form the framework for the new club at the Suikerunie Terrein. The first results will be visible during Paradigm Festival, where the overhead trusses will form the “Dome Stage”.

The followings construction materials will be salvaged during the harvesting process:

16 Wooden overhead beams and trusses.
10 Shipping containers filled with wooden support beams and rooftop plating.
Several wooden slide-doors