5 November 2016 Carlo Timmerman

Paradigm Festival is still fresh in our memories and our entire team is already working on creating plans for the next edition. We took inventory of all the left-over materials on the terrain and now we want to look at the possibilities for the short and long term future. Every department is coming together to give input, listen to others and evaluate the recent festival. This process is obviously going to take more than a single day, but we have to start somewhere!

Paradigm Festival 2016 was the first edition of the festival we organized at our new location. The scale was much larger and more complex than ever, considering the 72-hour journey we had planned. Looking back, we want to do a couple of things differently.

First, we won’t give away tickets through competitions via certain apps or magazines anymore! We very much appreciate our loyal and loving audience who are purchasing tickets year in, year out. We don’t want them to feel mistreated. We’ve changed the arrangements we had with our partners and sponsors regarding this.

Secondly, we have to make separate day and night tickets. This is in accordance with the firefighting department and the local government. We will also make weekend tickets available again, which includes access to all days and nights.

Next, we want to work on the level of intimacy. It is one of our core values and we feel that we could have done a better job retaining this.

Other details on what the future brings for the terrain and, with it, Paradigm Festival 2017 will roll out throughout the year. Keep checking back here for more details on what we’re going to do!


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