7 August 2017 Carlo Timmerman

The Paradigm Festival chill out area is a very relaxing place filled with good vibes, love and creativity. In this area, we will be hosting seminars regarding several subjects revolving around the responsibility for your own body, spirit and your environment. We will also be hosting workshops for a numbers of things like yoga, dancing, meditation, crafting dreamcatchers and other soothing activities. ‘The Chill’ is also a place charity and where activism organizations can gain visibility to educate you regarding us and our environment.

‘The Chill’ at Paradigm Festival is a place to relax and take some time for yourself. Not only can you enjoy and flow with some ambient beats, you can also enrich yourself with educational lectures and seminars. Or you can choose to relax during one of the many workshops. The performances at ‘The Chill’ area will captivate you!

Pieter Pluim, Luuk van Binsbergen and Joey Kremer have created ‘The Chill’ stage with their artists collective from Enschede and Thijs from Creative Solutions, based in Groningen, has created the ‘Lecture Dome’ with his crew.

You can find the timetable for the area and information about all the different hosts below.



Friday 11th of August

The Chill                                                                                                                  Lecture Dome

13.30 Rogier Sebastian (opening) Throughout the day NOVO art gallery + Room for creating freestyle music and healing sessions
15.30-18.30 Orchid (Vinyl set)
17.00-18.30 Soul Flow Journey
18:30 Dutcheridude
19:00 Erik Snijder
22.00 The Polymer Experience



Saturday 12th of August

The Chill                                                                                                                           Lecture Dome

13.00 Alignment based hatha yoga 13.00 Dier, vrienden en vlees
13.30 – 16.00 Rogier Sebastian 14.00 Prototype nature
15.00 Cannabis oil
16.00 Erik Snijder 16.00 Ayahuasca
17.00 Unitycollege GHB
18.00 Jay Minimal & Kikkerdril From 18.00 Room for creating freestyle music and healing sessions.
21:00 The Polymer Experience + Bibichini



Sunday 13th of August

The Chill                                                                                                                   Lecture Dome

13:30 Alignment based hatha Yoga Throughout the day Room for creating freestyle music and healing sessions.
15.00 Dancers’ Delight
19.00 MCHNRY
20.00 Jay Minimal & Kikkerdril




MCHNRY breaks the mould for pop stages, theaters and art spaces by introducing live action art and live music to the stage simultaneously. A combination that is new; like watching Bob Ross plant his fist in the face of Iggy Pop. MCHNRY inspires, motivates, shocks and surprises their audience with a swirling live experience. “A perfect combination” Frank van der Lende (3FM national dutch radio). Click here to visit their website!

The Polymer Experience
The Polymer Experience is an audiovisual performance project by Daniel Maalman, Jan Barceló and Marta Lofi, who combine a musical live performance which spans a variety of electronic psychedelic music styles with one of a kind, high definition, improvised 1970’s style old-school handmade visuals.
The visuals are made by hand in real-time by Jan Barceló and Marta Lofi, completely from scratch, with a endless variety of different ingredients, during the performance. The visuals are prepared on the fly in a field laboratory setting, which is being performed at the same time using improvisation in synchronization with Polymers’ music.
The music is performed by Daniel Maalman (Polymer), who also uses improvisation during his livesets with the aid of synthesizers and a liveset system that allows the musical material to be played in many different ways and styles: ambient, dub, psychedelic electronica, chill-out, dubtechno and worldmusic oriented sounds all pass by in these livesets. Check out this video to get a glimpse of the action.

Organization: Tristan Visser Music Productions.

By combining ambient effects with an eleven-string guitar, played by Tristan Visser, and the mysterious sounds from a Hang Drum, played by Lars Meijer, ELEMENTS enchants the listener and takes them on a trip through a musical landscape filled with energy.

Nick creates soundwaves which represent the voice of the earth through the use of his didgeridoo.

Organization: Bibichini
The fantasy characters from Bibichini will be floating around the chill out area at Paradigm Festival. What do the Lionbeast, the Cosmic Cat and the Snakebride characters all have in common? They’re all drawn towards the magical energy emanated by festivals and are excited to get to know the animalistic sides of the festival visitors.




Rogier Sebastian
Rogier Sebastian is a music producer from Holland and one of the founders of the open platform DJ-Friday. He presents range of sounds to the public from Psy-Dub to Ketapop also known as Bummeltechno or Slowhouse. Besides his solo performance of house and deep tech music under the name Lesley Moore, he is part of the melodic techno trio “Spoof”. In addition, Rogier is also involved in the duo “Dub Salute” with the production of Dub/Reggae and chill out music. The Dutch DJ has performed on various music festivals and events such as Psy-Fi, Burning Man “Where The Sheep Sleep”, Living Village Festival as well as Mandala Festival.

Erik Snijder
Addicted to screw around with hardware synths, modulars and samplers. He will be performing a set filled with strange rhythms and vague melodies within the genres of Slowtech/ambient/IDM.

Jay Minimal & Kikkerdril
Take a deep dive in the groove pool with Kikkerdril and Jay Minimal and let your mind, body and soul float on their experimental dub tech sounds.

Nothing but gems during Orchids ambient set. A classic ambient vinyl set. Similarities with artists like Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Global Communication and many more scapes & clicks!




Creating dreamcatchers with Mirjam!

Alignment based hatha yoga
Organization: Open Yoga
Alignment based hatha yoga with Femke Lemstra!

Dansers’ Delight
Yoga and dance combined. Stretch and strengthen your body in a soft way and get into the groove with yoga poses on music.

Annergy Healing and Soul Flow Meditation
“Soul Flow Journey” guided by Anne Eggens. In a playful way she will take you on a journey for a deep connection with the soul. Through breathing, Qi Cong & Soul Flow movements, Massage, Voice releasing, Chakra Journey and Shamanic Healing. Learn how to play with your energyfield and to freely express your soul vibration…




Unitycollege GHB by Sarsani Schenk
Organization: Celebrate safe/Unity

GHB. What is it exactly? What are the risks? How can you minimize the risks involved with using it?

Cannabis oil by Bas Stokman
Be informed about Cannabis oil. Check out their site here.

Ayahuasca by the Maurits Hoogerwerf
Organization: Maurits Hoogerwerf Coaching

The Ayahuasca, an entheogenically powerful tea that is seen as a sacred medicine by the Amazonian shamans. A medicine that’s being used to heal, to travel to other realms and to communicate with ones ancestors and other sentient conscious energies. Ayahuasca enables you to communicatie with your higher consciousness, to meet your true self which results in knowledge you didn’t have before.

What is it? Where does it come from? What does it do? How do you use it? What did it bring me?

Animals, friends and meat by Johan Boonstra
Organization: Stichting Ongehoord

Stichting Ongehoord tells us all about the life of animals in the meat industry. What goes on in the mind of a mother pig and are chickens stupid? Is the biological meat pig a happy animal? Does animal-friendly food even exist? We will lecture you by showing you images and by going through some reports together. We’ll let you make your own conclusions.

Prototype nature
Organization: Superuse Studios Cesare Peeren

Cesare works together with Paradigm to create a sustainable festival. Nature is his inspiration for all of his eco-architectural creations. Recycling salvaged materials is one of his most important values. For more info check out Cesare’s LinkedIn profile, click here!




Jelle Martijn de Graaf 
Rocking horse

Kees Ike & Thijs Koster
Artwork: Paradigm Beats

Pieter Pluim, Luuk van Binsbergen and Joey Kremer
Artists collective from Enschede
Stagebuilders ‘The Chill’

Thijs Wiersma
Stagebuilder ‘Lecture Dome’
Artwork: Cristals




Storm in June
Storm in June is a new contemporary and edgy fashion design based in the Netherlands. This is a brand with a soul and faces challenges by looking into new directions and the integration of new fabric and style concepts. All products are made by hand and designed myself.

Sylvia Plotz will dress you up with beautiful outfits, handmade jewelry and accessoires that are stylized through exotic fabrics and fibers!

Stichting Ongehoord ‘Dier in blik 2.0’
Stichting Ongehoord always gets a lot of attention with their project ‘Dier in blik 2.0’ when they visit universities and city centres. Visitors enter the pink bus unsuspectingly. In there, they take a quiz about the cognitive and emotional capabilities of pigs with videoclips that explain this questionnaire and a score to measure how much you already know about the subject. After taking the quiz, the visitors are requested to enter another area through the pink folding doors. Behind these, a mother pig named Charlotte will be staring at you. Through the 3D glasses, she seemingly steps out of the screen. The visitors is shown 2 projections. The first one shows Charlotte and her piglets and on the second the barn they live in, all the while they’re being lead by an audio tour. When the visitors has made an acquaintance with the pig family, they’re ready for the third projection. In there, the visitors is shown a sow trapped in a cage, surrounded by a fridge filled with medication and the farmer’s tools: a tail burner, an insemination syringe and a pair of ear tag pliers. Big pig farms are being shown last, before the visitor heads out again. Volunteers from Ongehoord are here to talk about the experience and listen to anyone willing to talk about it. Visitors also receive a free cooking brochure filled with animal-friendly recipies.

Mamma Nomad
My name is Sammy and I am the Mamma in Mamma Nomad. Me and my little family travel the world, and on our way we gather all sorts of treasures. In summertime we present these gorgeous items on festivals and with the profits we continue traveling, showing out little baby Joyaa a different kind of life on this incredible earth, with all her natures, cultures and creatures.

VRROOM and INNOFEST are offering a diverse range of unique VR experiences for everyone. The focus will be on Roomscale VR, which is a unique way to experience and participate in the virtual world!

Oldschool training outfits with all the wrong colors and other oldschool sporting clothes with some very cheerful colors. Come and say hi!

Sorella’s record booth
From Groningen and specialized in selling second-hand vinyl LP’s and 12″ ones. It’s a comined private collection from several DJ’s. The music is predominantly oldschool techno-underground from the US, Germany, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands and others.



Socially responsible activities

Sea Shepherd
– Awareness campaign on the premises where our graphical artists will be painting whales all over the terrain.
– Online call for donations through an interview with the CEO.
– Merchandise at the festival grounds.
– Video presentation at the festival.

– Novo Wood makes beautiful furniture from waste pallets together with carpenters who have a mental limitations. This furniture can be admired in the chill out and are for sale at

– NOVO Kunst offers artists with a mental limitation a foundation to develop themselves and learn about all of the aspects of being an artist. In our gallery at the Akeleiweg 204 and at you can find their crafts for sale and for rent. NOVO Kunst guarantees quirky art and our specialism is special arts. There will be several paintings to be admired in the DJ booths at the various stages during the festival!

Circuit shop Goudgoed recycles non-marketable clothing from Groningers to usable materials. There will be an experiment at the new clubarea of the festival terrain to test these materials for their potential acoustical dampening capabilities.

Unity & Celebrate Safe
Unity is a volunteer project where young people, who have a background in club culture, educate others about partying, alcohol, drugs and the risks involved with it. The volunteers from Unity are not there to condemn drug use but rather respond to questions and provide feedback to their fellow festivalgoers about the aforementioned topics. Unity will also be hosting a seminar about the proper use and dangers of GHB. Celebrate safe will be focusing their attention this year towards a campaign against hearing impairment at festivals.


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