1 June 2016 Carlo Timmerman

At the moment, all the different plants are flourishing and showing their colors. The potato fields are looking green, the berry beds on the side are popping left and right and the giant wooden bins that contain all sorts of (edible) plants are looking to grow at an immense rate! Everyone here is doing their best and more to make this project a reality. And we’ve already tasted the fruits of our labor (literally!). Artur and Stijn have dropped by with their great tea-making skills. The use of oakleafs, dandelions, the roots of dandelions, buttercups, cow parsley and blackberries and several blends of combinations were a great source of refreshment for the crew. They brewed traditional hot tea and also made a great, naturally sweet ice tea!

There has also been a delivery of new growing bins! We’re currently contemplating on what we want to grow in there. Do you have a suggestion? Or maybe you want to get your very own bin? Contact us through and maybe we can set you up with your very own growing bin! We will keep it moisturized and you can check up on its progress on every Thursday and Friday!

We’ve got another group of visitors today as well! Guided by Lisa Streunding, the class from Small Business and Retail Management at the Stenden Hogeschool Leeuwarden had a chance to look around the area and got a good look at what we’re accomplishing. Earlier, a group from the Pop & Culture Academy Leeuwarden came to visit with the exact same purpose. A full report on what they’ve done will be online in a few days! Both groups were¬† introduced to the project by Paul Grimmius and guided throughout the terrain by Oltman Aukema. Judging by the great reactions, we hope to see a few of them return as a volunteer! Are you interested in becoming one as well? Then sign up here!

The forest stage is starting to shape up even more. The team has now completed connecting the outer edge of the stage with solid wooden girders to make it stable. Currently, they’re progressing on creating the “cobweb” structure that will support the stage on the inner areas, which is happening with actual laser precision!

There has also been a delivery of logs for the Paradigm Festival 2016 Main stage! You can check out the photos over at the project page to get a good look. And if you look closely, you can see that we’ve also sorted the wooden beams of the framework for our new club, which you can find here!

As a final thank you for everyone helping at Loodsrave Festival, we’ve also organized a barbecue at our terrain. This happened right in between all of our projects here. You can check the photos for an impression!

That’s all for now, folks! We’ll get back to you in about 2 weeks time!



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