5 July 2016 Carlo Timmerman

Here we are, back again with another progress blog! As you can expect, some progress has definitely been made! And we’ve got the photos to back up our claim.

One of the biggest changes around here is starting the project of building our construction warehouse! This is the very first time we’re going to erect the building and henceforth creating an indoor stage that’s 12 meters wide and at least 40 meters long (which will likely be even longer than that). First, we’re going to create the foundation on which the construction will be placed. You can get a good idea on what we’re talking about if you look through the photos. Once it’s all said and done, it will create a unique environment to party in! We’ll keep you updated through the project page on any developments surrounding this particular project.

The forest stage is also seeing improvements left and right. A couple of days ago, we’ve received a portable sawmill which enabled us to create a tonne of wooden beams. Most of these beams will be used to create the top deck of the stage. Some others will be utilized to build the DJ Booth. Check the photos for an impression on where it’s going to be placed!

Our food gardens are overgrowing right now! Some of our plant bins are becoming somewhat small for the massive amount of greens and vegetables they’re producing. We’ve also seen some major progress in the potato fields we laid out. These babies are getting really big!

A variety of over 20 different kinds of plants, vegetables and fruits are being grown right now for personal use, but also as a way to give back to the community. We’re planning to donate everything that’s left to charities like the Food Bank, but that’s something that we’re going to do in the future.

Whilst we’re powering through all these projects and different builds, we noticed that we can still use more help! Do you want to help out in one or several different ways (by helping us through the rewards system, volunteer to help build the festival terrain, contribute materials or send in a plan)? Don’t hesitate for a second and sign up now! Everyone here will welcome you wholeheartedly, should you decide to show us some support!

From now on, because the festival terrain is really taking shape right now, we will be giving you updates more frequently, so stay tuned!


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