22 July 2016 Carlo Timmerman

Updates are stacking up one after the other now. The production is in overdrive with enthusiasts helping us out and making it possible to give you the ultimate Paradigm Festival experience!

Several projects have been progressing at an amazing rate and we have a number of new things lined up for you to see and explore once the date sets to August 12!

The Forest Stage is seeing improvements left and right. You can now really picture what it’s going to look like when the top deck is done. Simultaneously, work is being done on the DJ booth, which is going to be only 40cm higher than the top deck. Therefore, we’re making sure that contact with the DJ isn’t lost through either the line of sight or by creating too much distance between the DJ and the crowd!

Little hidden areas and secret pathways have been created that open up different perspectives from which you can see the festival terrain and several different stages. Several of these nooks and crannies will also contain works of art by our decoration team! These pathways are being build throughout the Forest Stage area.

One of the other new things that’s physically taking shape is the artwork. Paradigm’s finest are working around the clock to brainstorm, draw and build the artistic touches which creates the edge the Paradigm always brings to its festivals. We can’t wait to see how it shapes up. For now, foundations are being made through planks and boards, cut by the mobile sawmill from the logs, which have been delivered at an earlier date.

Another cool thing (which you’ll probably won’t see anywhere else. At least on land) is a friggin’ houseboat! Almost out of nowhere, a genuine Convoi Exceptionnel came riding onto our terrain with this houseboat on top of it. The end-result is a great office space that could potentially fill other roles (such as a backstage) for the festival!

As you can see on the project page, the Romney construction warehouses are being completed in a rapid fashion. The frame is almost completely done and a concrete foundation at the base is being formed. Phase 2 (covering the whole thing) is starting soon.

Our campsite is seeing an overhaul. The grass is being mowed to comfortable levels to set up your temporary festival retreats. From here, you’ve got premium access to the festival area and you can also glance at a great view of the whole Suikerunie terrain!

And finally, our Mainstage, La Phare du bout du monde! The giant towers are in the process of being erected. Check out the project page for more information and photos!

That’s all for now. There are a bunch of different projects in the works at the moment that we can’t share with you just yet. We obviously can’t deny you a sense of mystery of what we’re accomplishing here! Keep an eye out for future updates to find out more!

Don’t want to wait that long and want to be Part of the Shift? We’re still on the look-out for more volunteers to help us out with the construction of the festival terrain. Are you a hands-on type of guy/girl and want to join our team? Or perhaps you want to unleash your creative mind here? Or maybe both? Great! Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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