21 March 2017 Carlo Timmerman

We’re looking for decoration managers for Paradigm Festival 2017, who will be responsible for completely decorating one of the 7 stages so that it matches 1 of the 12 phases of the Circle of Life, especially the last one: reincarnation. This will stand as a symbol for Paradigm’s rebirth at the Suikerunie Terrain and will be executed with the help of an enthusiastic and creative team.

Are you interested? Great! What do we expect? Well, we want you to use your creativity to transform one of these stages into an amazing work of art. After all, there are a couple of thousand people who will experience joy, pleasure and excitement through your work! You will be responsible for everything regarding your stage, from DJ booth to all of the artwork and signing. You will be able to fully unleash your creative powers! Your imagination and the aforementioned main theme are your only limitations!

As decoration manager, you need a couple of things to qualify for the job:

  • Creative
  • Working on a project basis
  • Ability to keep an overview
  • Skillful with tools
  • Driven & passionate
  • Responsible
  • Ability to lead
  • A network you can fall back on for your own team (friends, colleagues, etc.)

You will be assorting your own team of enthusiastic, creative and skillful volunteers with a ticket for the festival as reward.

What do we expect from you as a decoration team:

  • DJ booth design.
  • Area/stage design.
  • Signing for the stage entrance, stage itself and the routing towards it.
  • Working together with the departments of light & sound.
  • A list of necessary materials with added tools + a cost estimation.
    Be mindful that most (70%-80%) of the materials you’ll be working with have to be recycled and repurposed materials. We have been collecting a lot of material over the past year already and you can combine this with your own harvested materials for the final product.
  • You have to gather your own team of people that want to help you out in exhange for festival tickets/camping/catering/a great place to work and socialize. We expect a minimum of 40 hours of work in exchange for a weekend- and camping ticket. Every extra hour spend will be compensated through our standard reimbursement for volunteers.
  • We start on the 1st of June until the 10th of August. It’s possible to start before that, though!
  • Safety comes first, so we expect everyone to work safely and sober.
  • Construction knowledge and craftsmanship.

What Paradigm will offer:

  • An inspiring workplace.
  • A place where you can work day & night as you see fit.
  • A wide assortment of tools and materials that you can use freely.
  • Promotion for your accomplished work through Paradigm’s media channels.
  • Access to the festival and camping.
  • A €1.000,- compenstation for the decoration manager, which will be paid for after the festival. This requires you to fullfil the agreements which will be settled beforehand.
  • Basic food and drinks will be available throughout the construction period. There will also be a full crew catering during the actual production week (last week before the festival).

This is how you let us know if you’re the best man/woman for the job.

You can send an email to joke@paradigm050.com before the 15th of April if you’re interested! You have to present yourself through a motivation letter, describing the reason why you want to design and decorate a stage. We would also like to see some examples of similar accomplishments or projects you’ve worked on. If you choose, you can also already pitch your idea or present a rough sketch or indication of where you want to take the design. Be mindful that the designs have to be practical and realistic. Make sure you or people in your group can carry out the plans.

We will invite everyone with the most original ideas for an interview at the end of April. The aim is to have a full schedule where every stage as a designated decoration manager by that time. And then the real work starts! Brainstorm, expand on your ideas, take inventory of the materials you need and create a dedicated team! This will all be rounded up at the end of April. Somewhere at the start of May, we will gather all of the decoration managers so we can judge all of the ideas and make changes where necessary. We will have a full-fledged roster and we’ll have an oversight on all the necessary materials so you can all start in June, but you’re always welcome to start before that! You will have a designated 2 months to complete your design and together we’ll make this a unforgetful festival!

Mainstage: 2000 people
Wishes: materials such as wood and other organic material (branches, leaves, etc.)
Decoration & Booth: The boat will be removed but the towers will stay.

Forest Stage: 450 people
Wishes: materials such as wood and other organic material (branches, leaves, etc.) The DJ booth is pretty much finished, but can definitely use an upgrade. The forest surrounding the stage will have to be an area that people can explore and where they can relax.

Zeefbuilding Upstairs: 2000 people
Wishes: Modulair artforms, so we can repurpose them at some point. The windows and steel give it a bright and industrial feel.

Zeefbuilding Downstairs: 1500 people
Wishes: Industrial and modulair feel. Where possible, we want it to be tight and matching the already present geometry of concrete posts.

Romney Warehouse: 650 people
Wishes: Because of the shape of the construction, there is room for tunnel-shaped lightshows and projections, which we’d love to see.

Dome: 2000 people
Wishes: Industrial feel with a lot of metal and steel. There’s a planetarium inside that you can use/repurpose to create ever-moving and rotation artwork.

The new club: 150 people
Wishes: It has stacked containers and we would like to see you create a retro-feel with recycled materials.


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